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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Most Expensive Restaurants in America

Bundle has compiled a list of the most expensive restaurants in America, and the catalogue contains some surprises. Most are predictably found in New York City or spread across California. But half of the top ten are in Chicago. Five of the top ten is French and the other five are American Noveau. And the most expensive plate comes from a city most people have never heard of: Yountville, CA.

Of course the food is highly rated as these restaurants are world-renowned for their cuisines. But part of the reason why their plates are so high are their prix fixe rates. The concept of Prix Fixe comes from dining as a guest in someone’s home. They decided what food you would eat before you got there, and you pay a fixed price for it. Wine, appetizer, meal and desert are all pre-chosen and cannot be changed. The opposite would be a la carte, where you pick and choose all of your items. This is the most common dining experience.

The French Laundry of Yountville and Per Se of New York City, the lists’ top two, are backed by the same chef, Thomas Keller. The average check at French Laundry was $957 and the average check at Per Se was $883. Le Bernadin of New York City had the highest prix fixe price of $330. Eleven Madison Park, also of NYC, rounded out the top 25 with a $409 check average.

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