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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Timeshare Owners Find Problems In Arkansas

Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri.

Timeshare owners of Table Rock Landing (TBR) in Holiday Island, Arkansas, are turning up the pressure on Carroll County politicians to redo their roads. Last year, a $200,000 grant to re-asphalt roads in Carroll County led to

What is at issue is a lawsuit between Carroll County and the TRL ownership board. Last year, TRL only paid a portion of the money the county said it was due as their part of road maintenance fees. The ownership is not at fault, but rather the TRL board. The roads around TRL are still drivable, but safety issues may come up in the future. In the past the district has focused on heavily-trafficked roads; most TRL users are only around for a few months over the summer.

TBR owners love their timeshares as they sit within walking distance of the large Mark Twain National Forest Park of Missouri. At 1.5 million acres, it’s one of the nations’ largest national parks.

The Holiday Island Public Works board will decide how many and what roads will be done. There are three options the board is considering. Northern Arkansas often has to redo their roads as Arkansas experience different extremes in the weather spectrum: heavy rain in the spring, hot temperatures in the summer, and snow in the fall. 

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Ever Tennessee Hotel Loses Operating License

The West PlazaInns & Suites Hotel in Farragut, Tennessee is the first ever hotel in the state of Tennessee to lose its operating license. Farragut is a quiet suburb 18 miles southwest of Knoxville.

The hotel does not sell timeshares, catering to more of a transient local clientele. Tennessee health code mandates that hotels and resorts score at least an “80” on their exam. The WPIS was inspected four times in 2011 and never received a score higher than 59. Mold in rooms, leaky ceilings, and roach infestations were found in several rooms.

From the FarragutPress:
“Among scores of critical health violations were severe rodent and insect infestations, mold infestations, rooms with unlockable doors, rooms with locks management had no key to, non-working fire detection systems, and inadequate sprinklers, exit plans and fire extinguishers.”

The hotel’s owner, Jet Patel, said he will remodel the motel and turn it into an assisted-care facility for seniors. Farragut administrators are looking to condemn the buildings.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Placed in Receivership

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman.
Due to an outstanding debt of $250 million, The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman luxury timeshare and resort hotel was placed in receivership.The hotel was opened in 2005 to much fanfare as it is the only 5-star hotel located on the Cayman Islands.

Michael Ryan, owner and developer of The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, stated he had trouble negotiating the demands of the Delaware-based company with the government of Grand Cayman. As recently as January, he stated a down-turning economy and rising construction costs as two major factors regarding the hotel’s problems meeting their loan repayment.

Ryan owns the property, but Ritz-Carlton’s Cayman Holdings manage the hotel’s operations. They filed a suit against Ryan stating he had lost control of profitability of the hotel. Ryan is also having difficulty turning a profit on his Dragon Bay timeshare resort, which caters to millionaires.

The receivership wrestled control away from Ryan and back into the hands of RC Cayman Holdings. This temporary situation can be alleviated if the resort becomes profitable.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sell Timeshare

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Options discussed at the seminars include sales or selling of timeshares, transferring timeshare titles, donating timeshares, and other options.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Live In New Zealand

New Zealand

Sun, surf, and friendly people. Far from the shadow cast by Australia, New Zealand makes its own stamp on the world with jobs, low crime rates, and excellent education. Auckland New Zealand has already been called one of the greatest places to live by magazines such as Forbes and MSN Money. But why is this place gaining such notoriety as a tourist destination as well?

As far as activities go, you could safari on the South Island’s west coast and see the kiwi, a bird species only found in New Zealand. ATV tours are fun, going up the mountains of Arthur’s Pass national Park. You can also see the country side by horse or by hot-air balloon. Water activities are really popular, which is to be expected. Fishing, wind-surfing, jet-skiing and parasailing is all a part of active New Zealand culture.

Christchurch and Auckland are considered two of the safest and happiest places on Earth. Hotels, timeshares and resorts can be found up and down both coasts of New Zealand, and the weather is tropical year round.
Shopping is good, as the U.S. dollar trades well against the New Zealand dollar.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Underwater Sculpture Garden of Grenada

The She Devil, one of the many sculptures in the Underwater Garden.

Tiny Grenada, 2nd to last island in the Caribbean chain before you reach Venezuela (Trinidad is the last), is gaining tourists dollars due to their new underwater coral reef. With some environmentalists estimating that 80% of the world’s reefs will be destroyed by 2050, this shallow man-made reef is attracting a lot of attention.

It’s a sculpture garden, placed there by the Grenadian government, and approved by marine biologists. It’s found off Molinere point in Flamingo Bay on the west side of the island. There’s also diving with turtles or just lazing it up in a hammock to be had. There’s also a set of seven waterfalls called the Seven Sisters, and local daredevils will jump from one to the other. The largest drop is 50ft.

Most of Grenada’s GDP comes from tourist dollars, but hotels and resorts are mostly mom and pop affairs. There are few timeshares sold on the island.

Flights can be purchased out of Miami for less than $600 for next day, one way travel. A seven-night stay at Maca Bana, near the capital, goes for around $2,500 for a one-bedroom cottage.

The best part about Grenada is that it caters to tourists, is very safe, and seems to not be overrun with tourists. It’s possible to get a home-cooked meal at a small restaurant, take pictures of beautiful scenery, visit a beach such as Grand Anse and have it almost all to yourself.

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