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Thursday, September 27, 2012

No More Timeshare!

The credibility of selling and reselling timeshares to get shot of timeshare is getting low with the advent of frauds and scams in the timeshare industry. Various up front payments such as promoting charge, assessment charge and other sorts of "fee" have been bringing up negative impressions to potential buyers. Money-back guarantee or deposits that are refundable are some of the smart methods that scammers are using these days. The good thing is, customers are becoming more cautious about the unscrupulous payments being asked prior to signing the purchase agreement or contract.

Reselling Preparations - Timeshare owners who are considering reselling their timeshares must make sure that they know how much they are about to get from the sale. If you're a timeshare owner wanting to sell your timeshare, ensure you price your timeshare properly to circumvent being short-charged. It is a gloomy fact, but nowadays, timeshare owners only get as much 10%-30% of the actual price of the property when it was bought. As contrasted to real real-estate investments , value of timeshares devaluates over a period since it is more of a luxurious investment. 

Marketing Options - One of the most effective systems in selling timeshares is by giving correct info about the time shared property. Avoid tricking folk solely to close a deal and get rid of your timeshare right away. Correct info can be a measure of your credibility that most of the purchasers are after. Be creative and comprehensive about your marketing and postings but never do exaggerations. If you consider offline and online adverts, you could have to spend a bit. Nonetheless there are sites that offer free services for those seeking for timeshare resale. If in case prospective buyers talk with you through mails or calls, be absolutely certain to be prompt in answering them. Always be prepared for another reasonable counter offer to the buyer in case of any negotiating. 

Timeshares with Loans - Timeshares with current loans, on the other hand, can still be thought about for resale, also. However, finding possible purchasers for timeshares with loans on it can be quite complicated. The best option is to consider refinancing the loan. Search for financial institutions that will aid such situations. Getting a home mortgage refinancing scheme can also be another choice. What is important is that the loan issue must be settled first before you place your timeshares for resale so as to increase its marketable cost. 

Closing the Deal - In the event that the potential purchaser is pleased to close the deal, do the obligatory legal procedures. State everything in the contract or agreement before both parties sign the contract. As much as feasible, seek for any legal help or consult timeshare professionals on how to go through the whole process. This may lessen the hassles that will arise on the way and ensure the timeshare relief that you so need.

Transfer Smart is the way to go if you really wish to be timeshare free. They have the tools needed to get you out of your timeshare fast! Give them a call today and see how they can help you. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beware Seniors!

Elderly seniors have been the latest victims of timeshare resale crime. They're usually unaware of the timeshare resale scheme and have fallen for the everyday pitch of being timeshare free. In cases like these, timeshare owners are continually contacted by a representative claiming to be an expert in hiring and selling timeshares. However, many of these representatives typically work for a bogus company and are conning timeshare owners into giving them cash. They often claim that they require owners to pay an advance fee to cover all costs like closing costs and transferring charges. But once these conmen receive the money transfer they stop replying to emails and phone calls. 

Many timeshare owners have also alleged that another company contacts them making a claim to be fraud-recovery. These companies are also scams and many timeshare owners who decided to trust these two corporations are now short thousands of greenbacks. Allegedly they make promises to retrieve the cash that was taken from you by the prior company for a fee. 

Here are some tips to make sure that you don't fall victim to these firms : 

-Make sure you read the fine print and the entire contract 
-Always be weary of corporations asking for an front-loaded fee 
-Never trust a company without checking them out with the Better Business Bureau 
-Read all customer reports about the company ( confirm they aren't negative ) .

Transfer Smart is a great company to go to if you wish to get rid of your timeshare. They have helped hundreds of timeshare owners and they want to help you too! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Warning: An Imposter!

Thanks to the holiday season many timeshare owners are trying to get shot of their timeshares as soon as possible. Many hope the money they save from selling their timeshare will help them through the season. But in the world today, shady business practices can be discovered everywhere. An article on PRLeap shows just that. 

Timeshare owners around the world are contacted every day by affiliations who try to sell them their services thru the phone. These firms will do whatever is needed to persuade timeshare owners to make an front-loaded payment for an empty guarantee. Telemarketers are highly skilled in convincing these owners that there's a buyer waiting to get their timeshare, but they should make a little payment first for the info to be given. It is not till later that the owners understand that they've been scammed and the company / organization has totally disappeared. 

On the other hand, recently, timeshare owners have been informed about the many methods fraudsters use to make a few bucks and are not as easily fooled as they were before. Timeshare owners have learned ways to research a company before coughing up for their services. 

One major issue for fraudsters and confidence men is they have no credibility because they don't have an estate broker's license. They would also not be able to acquire one due to their inferior past. Due to this, conmen have taken their efforts to new heights. They are now posing as imposters by using the names of licensed, credible timeshare resale brokers. The imposter ( con artist ) will push the timeshare owner into checking for themselves the validity of the company while they're on the telephone. By using this method, they have convinced timeshare owners that making an advance charge is necessary so as to get their timeshare sold.

Contact Transfer Smart if you truly wish to get out of your timeshare contract!! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Screaming in Frustration

A lady from North Carolina was very crabby because she couldn't get out of her timeshare. The business that sold her the timeshare had purportedly said that she would be able to get out of the timeshare if she did not need it. However, when the time arrived the company refused to buy the timeshare back. Latoya Straford attempted many times to contact the company for a refund with no results. She hit another road block when she hired another company to help her get out of her timeshare. 

Straford had bought a Wyndham Resort timeshare with her partner on pure impulse. The timeshare cost $18,000 and at the time she suspected it'd be a sound investment for future holidays. But when they returned home and tried to cancel in the five day cancelation cut off point she was turned down. Straford attempted to contact Wyndham but she could not find anyone that would help her cancel the timeshare contract. 

When she eventually chatted to a Wyndham representative they told her that it was too late to cancel and she should begin to make her standard payments for the timeshare. The payments came out to be $400 a month on top of $750 of the $1,500 company charge. After contacting Wyndham resorts, a spokesman stated that though Straford did not cancel in the cancelation cut-off point they might make an exception and let her out of the timeshare contract. Straford now recommends other consumers to not get a timeshare rashly because at the end it is merely a lot of debt.

Transfer Smart is the smart way to get out of a timeshare. They have helped many timeshare owners out of their timeshares and they are just waiting to help you too. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Scam Discovered

Transfer Smart reports on a man who was arrested for being involved in a Craigslist scam. This scam was run by a Meadow Vista man, William Frank Lordier. According to the County Sheriffs they are currently searching for the victims of this scam and Lordier was held for selling timeshares on Craigslist.

The detective commented, “He used to work for a reputable company a long time ago, and he was using their name to sell fictitious timeshares. The victims would sign a fictitious contract, provide their bank information and he would then make withdrawals. Then they would never hear from him again.”

Victims have already been discovered in multiple areas such as Los Angeles, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

TSA Needs to Shape Up

With the added security measures at the airport it still hasn’t helped the Transportation Security Administration better track security breaches. According to the Office of Inspector General at Homeland Security, TSA still has not been able to improve upon their security measures.

After an investigation requested by Sen. Frank Lautenberg it was discovered that TSA “took corrective actions for only 42 percent of security breaches at the airport between January 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011”.

For example, within the last year, there have been multiple security breaches including a knife passing though the security checkpoint and a dead dog that was transported without being screened for disease or explosives. Though in spite of all their mistakes, TSA does have a comprehensive mechanism. They are able to gather information and study similar trends to better themselves.

On the other hand, many times TSA agents do not report security breaches, which lead to a different number of occurred incidents and the number of incidents that actually happened.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Arrested for Timeshare Scam

Transfer Smart reports on two women who were arrested in Clermont for being involved in a timeshare scam. These women were the ones behind a telemarketing business that claimed to help timeshare owners sell their timeshares. According to the report, the women would cold-call timeshare owners and convince them that they had a buyer waiting to purchase their timeshares. The only catch to this deal is that the owners would have to pay an upfront fee before receiving any further information. The company these women worked for was called RCIJB World Enterprise. The company would collect the payment but wouldn’t finish the sale. The group’s president was Jennifer Bacon who worked with Carmen Rodriguez, who was the owner and operator. Once the officers were able to gather enough information, the two women were arrested and charged with “second-degree grand theft, exploitation of an elderly or disabled person, unlicensed real-estate activity and related charges”. Both of the women were taken to the Lake County Jail after they were arrested. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transfer Smart Warns Timeshare Owners

Trying to sell your timeshares can be a tedious task especially when there are thousands of others trying to do the same. The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has recently released a warning about a timeshare resale company, International Timeshare Refund Action. This company has been "referring existing timeshare members to companies to help them obtain financial resolution on their timeshare contracts". The CASE has already received numerous complaints against this company and as a result suspended the company's advertisements.

CASE commented, "Over the years, CASE has also seen the emergence of timeshare-related companies that claim to assist consumers in the selling, offloading, renting or disposal of their timeshare contracts." They have already taken three different companies to court for breaching the Consumer Protection Act.

Transfer Smart advises all timeshare owners to either approach the original company in which they purchased the timeshare from or contact a Transfer Smart representative. This way you will be better protected against timeshare scams. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

East African Timeshare Resort Flourishes

 A Baobab Tree.

The Mandharini Resort of Kenya has been added to the Preferred Residences Membership and Exchange Program. Preferred Residences, a Miami, Florida based company, is thrilled to have made their first foray into African timeshares. Mandharini is found in Kilifi, Kenya, on Kenya’s beautiful coastline that overlooks the Indian Ocean. It’s 50 km from two of Kenya’s most important cities, Mombasa and Malindi. It’s about 3 hours from the capital city of Nairobi.

Kenya is still not a very high destination for most world travelers, so its beauty is largely preserved. The designers of the Mandharini have this in mind and have built the resort to coexist with nature. This doesn’t mean that you will have cougars visiting your bedroom at night, but the frame of the resort uses natural bamboo. If that is too old-school for your liking, Mandharini has an excellent golf course with mountains in the background and a restaurant that cooks up local meats that are exotic to the Western palette, such as dik dik or duiker, which are similar to antelopes and guinea pigs, respectively.

Mandharini means “a place of beautiful views,” and northern Kenya is known for its awe-inspiring wildlife and countryside. Perhaps the greatest draw of Mandharini is the fact that is neighbors both history and natural beauty. Kilifi was founded in the 14th century, and a short bike ride to the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, a 150 acre ecological preserve. It is the largest area of coastal dry forest remaining in Eastern Africa. There you can find the unique Baobab tree, a tree that can get to be over 1,000 years old and has a very thick trunk with branches and leaves only extending from its top-most parts. While visiting your timeshare in Kilifi, tan on beautiful Bofa beach. It has one of the best and yet least crowded beaches in Kenya. It has beautiful white sand and azure blue water free from oil and pollution. Enjoy the best of Kenya, from the mountains to wind surfing, from golfing to nightlife, all in an exotic setting, courtesy of the Mandharini Resort. Of course, if you want to get out of your timeshare, contact the Transfer Smart experts.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Timeshare Company Kicks Off 2012 Convention

The American Resort and Development Assocication (ARDA) kicked off its Convention & Exposition this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The host site is the Venetian, one of Las Vegas’ most high profile sites, owned by the Sands Hotel group, which is owned by Sheldon Adelson.

ARDA is a consortium of timeshare developers and resorts. They are based in Washington, D.C., and lobby politicians on behalf of the vacation ownership and timeshare industries they represent.

A host of information about the Expo can be found on their website, including a schedule, Attendance for the 2012 Expo has been closed since 01 March, but if you’d like to attend next year’s convention you may do so here. It will be held 07-11 April 2013 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Timeshare Owners Find Problems In Arkansas

Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri.

Timeshare owners of Table Rock Landing (TBR) in Holiday Island, Arkansas, are turning up the pressure on Carroll County politicians to redo their roads. Last year, a $200,000 grant to re-asphalt roads in Carroll County led to

What is at issue is a lawsuit between Carroll County and the TRL ownership board. Last year, TRL only paid a portion of the money the county said it was due as their part of road maintenance fees. The ownership is not at fault, but rather the TRL board. The roads around TRL are still drivable, but safety issues may come up in the future. In the past the district has focused on heavily-trafficked roads; most TRL users are only around for a few months over the summer.

TBR owners love their timeshares as they sit within walking distance of the large Mark Twain National Forest Park of Missouri. At 1.5 million acres, it’s one of the nations’ largest national parks.

The Holiday Island Public Works board will decide how many and what roads will be done. There are three options the board is considering. Northern Arkansas often has to redo their roads as Arkansas experience different extremes in the weather spectrum: heavy rain in the spring, hot temperatures in the summer, and snow in the fall. 

Timeshares are worthless, and usually bought by people who give in to high pressure sales tactics. If you want out of your timeshare for any reason, contact Transfer Smart today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Ever Tennessee Hotel Loses Operating License

The West PlazaInns & Suites Hotel in Farragut, Tennessee is the first ever hotel in the state of Tennessee to lose its operating license. Farragut is a quiet suburb 18 miles southwest of Knoxville.

The hotel does not sell timeshares, catering to more of a transient local clientele. Tennessee health code mandates that hotels and resorts score at least an “80” on their exam. The WPIS was inspected four times in 2011 and never received a score higher than 59. Mold in rooms, leaky ceilings, and roach infestations were found in several rooms.

From the FarragutPress:
“Among scores of critical health violations were severe rodent and insect infestations, mold infestations, rooms with unlockable doors, rooms with locks management had no key to, non-working fire detection systems, and inadequate sprinklers, exit plans and fire extinguishers.”

The hotel’s owner, Jet Patel, said he will remodel the motel and turn it into an assisted-care facility for seniors. Farragut administrators are looking to condemn the buildings.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Placed in Receivership

The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman.
Due to an outstanding debt of $250 million, The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman luxury timeshare and resort hotel was placed in receivership.The hotel was opened in 2005 to much fanfare as it is the only 5-star hotel located on the Cayman Islands.

Michael Ryan, owner and developer of The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, stated he had trouble negotiating the demands of the Delaware-based company with the government of Grand Cayman. As recently as January, he stated a down-turning economy and rising construction costs as two major factors regarding the hotel’s problems meeting their loan repayment.

Ryan owns the property, but Ritz-Carlton’s Cayman Holdings manage the hotel’s operations. They filed a suit against Ryan stating he had lost control of profitability of the hotel. Ryan is also having difficulty turning a profit on his Dragon Bay timeshare resort, which caters to millionaires.

The receivership wrestled control away from Ryan and back into the hands of RC Cayman Holdings. This temporary situation can be alleviated if the resort becomes profitable.

If you own a timeshare in Mexico or the Caribbean and want to sell it, Transfer Smart can get you out of it. Call us today.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sell Timeshare

While trying to unload your timeshare can be a hassle, Transfer Smart is here to help.

We offer a variety of services. Because we want to personally tailor our timeshare exit solutions to your needs, we have meetings all over the country with timeshare owners in their hometowns and present our solutions to you in person.

Call the number on our homepage and you’ll speak with a customer service rep. They will arrange a way for you to meet one-on-one with one of our Brand Representatives. This 100% free, no obligation meeting is crucial for you to obtain information on our unique way of getting you out of a timeshare.

Options discussed at the seminars include sales or selling of timeshares, transferring timeshare titles, donating timeshares, and other options.

Timeshare contracts are complicated, so it can take time to get you out of yours. But Transfer Smart offers an In-Writing Contract that states we will get you out of your timeshare contract if you qualify. Don’t worry, over 90% of applicants do.

Our unique approach has led to THOUSANDS of timeshare owners getting out of their contracts. Call us today.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Live In New Zealand

New Zealand

Sun, surf, and friendly people. Far from the shadow cast by Australia, New Zealand makes its own stamp on the world with jobs, low crime rates, and excellent education. Auckland New Zealand has already been called one of the greatest places to live by magazines such as Forbes and MSN Money. But why is this place gaining such notoriety as a tourist destination as well?

As far as activities go, you could safari on the South Island’s west coast and see the kiwi, a bird species only found in New Zealand. ATV tours are fun, going up the mountains of Arthur’s Pass national Park. You can also see the country side by horse or by hot-air balloon. Water activities are really popular, which is to be expected. Fishing, wind-surfing, jet-skiing and parasailing is all a part of active New Zealand culture.

Christchurch and Auckland are considered two of the safest and happiest places on Earth. Hotels, timeshares and resorts can be found up and down both coasts of New Zealand, and the weather is tropical year round.
Shopping is good, as the U.S. dollar trades well against the New Zealand dollar.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Underwater Sculpture Garden of Grenada

The She Devil, one of the many sculptures in the Underwater Garden.

Tiny Grenada, 2nd to last island in the Caribbean chain before you reach Venezuela (Trinidad is the last), is gaining tourists dollars due to their new underwater coral reef. With some environmentalists estimating that 80% of the world’s reefs will be destroyed by 2050, this shallow man-made reef is attracting a lot of attention.

It’s a sculpture garden, placed there by the Grenadian government, and approved by marine biologists. It’s found off Molinere point in Flamingo Bay on the west side of the island. There’s also diving with turtles or just lazing it up in a hammock to be had. There’s also a set of seven waterfalls called the Seven Sisters, and local daredevils will jump from one to the other. The largest drop is 50ft.

Most of Grenada’s GDP comes from tourist dollars, but hotels and resorts are mostly mom and pop affairs. There are few timeshares sold on the island.

Flights can be purchased out of Miami for less than $600 for next day, one way travel. A seven-night stay at Maca Bana, near the capital, goes for around $2,500 for a one-bedroom cottage.

The best part about Grenada is that it caters to tourists, is very safe, and seems to not be overrun with tourists. It’s possible to get a home-cooked meal at a small restaurant, take pictures of beautiful scenery, visit a beach such as Grand Anse and have it almost all to yourself.

Own a timeshare in Grenada and need to get out? Transfer Smart has you covered. Our team deals exclusively in getting good people out of bad timeshare deals. Contact us today.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timeshare Division Hurts Marriott Stock

The fall quarter of 2011 saw Marriott International’s profit drop a surprising 18% compared to a year earlier.

Demand for hotels in North America is rising while the industry itself is slowing, which usually means higher prices. But Marriott invested a lot in its timeshare business and has yet to see results.

The company earned $173 million in fourth quarter 2010, and only $141 million fourth quarter 2011.

Despite not meeting stockholders’ expectations, CEO J.W. Marriott Jr. released a statement saying: “"We are bullish about the long-term growth prospects for both Marriott and the global lodging industry. With a growing middle class and rapid economic growth in many emerging markets, global demand is increasing steadily."

Overall revenue for the company was up 31%, from $11.69 billion in 2010 to $12.32 billion in 2011. The fourth-quarter loss was in line with Wall Street Predictions. Hoteliers agree that 2012 will bring new emerging markets and tourism to new areas, something I’ve written about previously.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to scuba dive with sharks

Nom, nom, nom.

Diving with sharks is one of the most thrilling adventures a traveler can go on. If you’re in the Bahamas or Mexico at a resort or timeshare, you may find an offer for a shark dive. After doing some research, I’ve compiled a list of tips to keep you safe while enjoying this dangerous activity.

Note the behavior of fish. Fish will often swim erratically when sharks are near.

Stay out of the water if you see groups of dolphins or seagulls as they are attracted to the same food sharks eat. Dolphins are also prey for large sharks, and it is a myth to think that sharks don’t attack and eat dolphins.

If you are bleeding, do not even get in the water. Everything you heard is true: sharks can smell blood from up to a mile away and hone in on its source.

Descend quickly.  Sharks’ favorite meals are found near the surface, such as sea lions and already dead fish. Head to the bottom after diving and use minimal movement.

Never use baitfish to attract sharks; they may use you as the meal instead.

Know your species. Contrary to popular opinion, it is the Bull Shark that is responsible for most attacks on humans worldwide, not the Great White.

Know that sharks are timid and curious. Though real attacks are few, sharks will bump into divers as they are not used to humans, which can cause panic and erratic behavior, making the shark aggressive as well. Don’t wear shiny objects either, as they attract shark's attention.

Now that you’ve had this primer you’re ready for this (the money shot is one minute in). Have a great dive.

If you're tired of swimming in the shark-infested waters of timeshare ownership, we're here to help. Transfer Smart will give you an In-Writing Guarantee of their services if you qualify, and 96% of applicants will. Contact us today.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Indonesia’s Best Surf

                                                                   Kelly Slater in Bali.

Traveling to Indonesia is a surfers dream. It’s exotic and full of beautiful beaches and world-renowned waves. But the trip can be daunting. Flights are expensive, and people aren’t sure where to stay. We love surfers here at Transfer Smart and have dug up a short list of the best resorts and the best waves in Indo.

The Mentawai Islands
One thing that bothers surfers is looking at surf reports and trying to figure out where the best waves will be. Well the Mentawai Islands have some of the most high quality, consistent wave in the world. Year wound, surf perfection is here, whether you’re in West Sumatra or Breakaway, walking the flawless islets to your next score.

Panaitan Island
An 800 yard-long left awaits you here, as well as the legendary One Palm Point and Apocalypse.

I don’t think more could be written about Bali that hasn’t already been said. Consistent surf, warm weather and things to do for the whole family have made this a year-long surf Pro-Am spot.

Nias Island
This break is from 8-15 feet year round, and boasts an interesting geographical feature- a sandbar that allows you to walk out 100 yards into the water, upon where you can just dive into the wave of your choosing.

Sumba Island
Excellent waves in beautiful surroundings, and close to Bali? Yeah, you’d want to check out Sumba Island too. There’s also great fishing, snorkeling, bird watching and relaxing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I want out of my timeshare contract. What would happen if I just stopped paying towards it?

Here at Transfer Smart many patrons make the same comment: I don’t want my timeshare anymore. What happens if I just stop paying the yearly special assessment and maintenance fees?

First, the timeshare company will vigorously pursue the money you owe them. Some contracts last for thirty years; others “forever,” as they are passed down to your children. Just because you don’t use a timeshare doesn’t mean you can stop paying on it. Timeshare companies are well versed in how to write up their contracts that are beneficial to them, not you. And as long as you are paying towards an empty room, they are winning.

If you decide to stop paying, they will do everything they can to contact you, either through email, snail mail or by phone. If you stay the course, they will send you over to a collection agency and this is where your credit rating begins to suffer. Most timeshare owners have good credit, and will give in here. But it’s ridiculous that a vacation resort, which is supposed to serve and provide relaxation to you, would be so tenacious in their pursuit of your money. But in a recession, tourism is down, and they have your name on a contract that is very much slanted against you. They will do your best to get your credit ruined, and they will continue with harassing letters and phone calls.

The only way to get out of a contract is to legally get your name off of it. This is where Transfer Smart comes in.

We offer legal exit solutions that get you out of your contract forever. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Most Expensive Restaurants in America

Bundle has compiled a list of the most expensive restaurants in America, and the catalogue contains some surprises. Most are predictably found in New York City or spread across California. But half of the top ten are in Chicago. Five of the top ten is French and the other five are American Noveau. And the most expensive plate comes from a city most people have never heard of: Yountville, CA.

Of course the food is highly rated as these restaurants are world-renowned for their cuisines. But part of the reason why their plates are so high are their prix fixe rates. The concept of Prix Fixe comes from dining as a guest in someone’s home. They decided what food you would eat before you got there, and you pay a fixed price for it. Wine, appetizer, meal and desert are all pre-chosen and cannot be changed. The opposite would be a la carte, where you pick and choose all of your items. This is the most common dining experience.

The French Laundry of Yountville and Per Se of New York City, the lists’ top two, are backed by the same chef, Thomas Keller. The average check at French Laundry was $957 and the average check at Per Se was $883. Le Bernadin of New York City had the highest prix fixe price of $330. Eleven Madison Park, also of NYC, rounded out the top 25 with a $409 check average.

Transfer Smart gets you out of your timeshare with a 100% In-Writing Guarantee. The scam artists can't offer you that. If you're stuck in a timeshare contract that's costing you a fortune, contact us and we will get you out of that title the Transfer Smart way.


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