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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working Smartly with a Resale Company to Transfer Timeshare Ownership

Several of the million of owners today are dissatisfied with their timeshares and thus, want to get out of their timeshare contracts. One of the misconceptions upon buying a timeshare is that you could sell it easily. In reality, it is much difficult than what you have imagined. Therefore, a number of owners go to a resale company to assist them in selling their timeshares. However, there are some things to consider in working with these companies.

First, be cautious about paying large upfront fees to a resale company. This might a sure sign of a rip-off. Next, avoid listing your timeshare too high. Some resale companies will price it too high in to entice the owners to pay an upfront fee. You should also research the company's credentials and if it is listed with the Better Business Bureau and have a Real Estate Broker license. Moreover, you may not be able to sell your timeshare if you still have balance payments. The disreputable resale companies, after finding out you still owe some amount on your timeshare will tell you they will list it at a higher price just to get a large listing fee. Lastly, never give an exclusive listing to one company to sell your timeshare. An exclusive listing means the company will be paid a commission no matter who sells it. Always sign an open listing giving you the right to sell your timeshare.

Because of the economy, the resale market is becoming flooded from owners trying to get out from the disadvantages of timeshare ownership. Some are desperate already that they plainly just want to get rid of it. Some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart just to get rid of such property. Those points mentioned above can help you to sell effectively your timeshare while working it out with a resale company.

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