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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smartly Beware of Timeshare and Holiday Frauds

Many people are falling victim to various types of holiday fraud these days. The common victims appeared to be those owners who are trying to get out of their timeshare contracts. But such fraudulent activities operate and prey on various consumers.

Timeshare fraud is considered a common type of holiday scam nowadays. Typically, the victim gets a phone call inviting to attend a free presentation to learn how to become a property millionaire from buying a timeshare. However, it ends up with a timeshare that either doesn’t exist or is far below the standards the owner will pay for.

The other scam is that the fraudsters offer to help you sell your existing timeshare. There are also double scams in which the fraudsters ask for upfront fees for legal services to help those who've already been the victims of other timeshare frauds.

Meanwhile, some holidaymakers fall victim to frauds involving non-existent holiday villas. They will take your money and it’s only once you get to your destination that you find the villa doesn’t exist. Much worst is that you’re then left in a foreign country without accommodation.

However, the authorities strongly advised to be aware of such activities. There are some simple rules to avoid such vacation frauds like be very wary of letters, phone calls or emails from companies that you don’t know offering you great deals out of the blue. Also, never make investments without thorough research. Moreover, never agree to anything on the spot. Take the documentation home and make sure a lawyer reads the contract before you sign it.

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