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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Loving Christmas, Hating Timeshares!

I love Christmas! The holiday season is so wonderful! The snow falling on the ground, making everything bright, white and beautiful. The Christmas songs on the radio we all know the words to and sing out loud in the streets. And of course…

But one terrible thing about the holidays is financial ruin. So many people find themselves over-spending in order to make their families happy. They do it so their friends, family and associates can be happy, but then they spend months of the New Year trying to catch up. In some cases, the debt takes years to pay off.

That brings me to point. Few things are as wasteful of money as timeshares, interval-leisure resorts, and the like. Good, hard-working people like ourselves have a beautiful, relaxing vacation in an exotic resort and get caught up in the emotional whirlwind and make a timeshare purpose only to regret it later. There are rising maintenance fees. Uncontrollable, unlimited “Special Assessment” fees. And the promise of an “investment” that in reality will never show a positive financial return.

This is why I blog about TransferSmart. I want people to have real peace of mind, not spend hundreds of thousands over a lifetime because they made an emotional decision to buy a timeshare. TransferSmart offers and IN WRITING guarantee that they will get you out of your timeshare contract. Yes, in writing. Click here and fill out a short form and they will contact you within 24 hours. Let TransferSmart bring real peace to you and your family.

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