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Friday, February 17, 2012

Indonesia’s Best Surf

                                                                   Kelly Slater in Bali.

Traveling to Indonesia is a surfers dream. It’s exotic and full of beautiful beaches and world-renowned waves. But the trip can be daunting. Flights are expensive, and people aren’t sure where to stay. We love surfers here at Transfer Smart and have dug up a short list of the best resorts and the best waves in Indo.

The Mentawai Islands
One thing that bothers surfers is looking at surf reports and trying to figure out where the best waves will be. Well the Mentawai Islands have some of the most high quality, consistent wave in the world. Year wound, surf perfection is here, whether you’re in West Sumatra or Breakaway, walking the flawless islets to your next score.

Panaitan Island
An 800 yard-long left awaits you here, as well as the legendary One Palm Point and Apocalypse.

I don’t think more could be written about Bali that hasn’t already been said. Consistent surf, warm weather and things to do for the whole family have made this a year-long surf Pro-Am spot.

Nias Island
This break is from 8-15 feet year round, and boasts an interesting geographical feature- a sandbar that allows you to walk out 100 yards into the water, upon where you can just dive into the wave of your choosing.

Sumba Island
Excellent waves in beautiful surroundings, and close to Bali? Yeah, you’d want to check out Sumba Island too. There’s also great fishing, snorkeling, bird watching and relaxing.

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