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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two Arrested for Timeshare Scam

Transfer Smart reports on two women who were arrested in Clermont for being involved in a timeshare scam. These women were the ones behind a telemarketing business that claimed to help timeshare owners sell their timeshares. According to the report, the women would cold-call timeshare owners and convince them that they had a buyer waiting to purchase their timeshares. The only catch to this deal is that the owners would have to pay an upfront fee before receiving any further information. The company these women worked for was called RCIJB World Enterprise. The company would collect the payment but wouldn’t finish the sale. The group’s president was Jennifer Bacon who worked with Carmen Rodriguez, who was the owner and operator. Once the officers were able to gather enough information, the two women were arrested and charged with “second-degree grand theft, exploitation of an elderly or disabled person, unlicensed real-estate activity and related charges”. Both of the women were taken to the Lake County Jail after they were arrested. 

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