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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Rid of a Timeshare with Title Transfer Companies

Transfer Smart
Most dissatisfied owners nowadays describe their stories of purchasing their timeshare on impulse and as a result of high pressure sales tactics. A number of owners state that a timeshare is more of a liability. As a result, the buyers attempt to resell their timeshare or try to get rid of them. In getting rid of these properties, most consumers turn to one of two types of companies, the listing services company like the Craigslist and the title transfer company like the Transfer Smart.

The listing services companies place your timeshare on the resale market for a fee and do little else. With title transfer companies, you pay a fee and the company takes the timeshare off your hands.

A title transfer companies arrange to transfer ownership of your timeshare property to another interested individual that can manage it better. Currently, only a handful of these companies actually help timeshare owners disentangle themselves from their contracts. In choosing a company to work with, beware also of other companies that are essentially scams.

One of the advantages in working with a title transfer company is that it has copious industry connections. With this, working with them has a high probability that you can get rid of your timeshare contract. A legitimate title transfer company will deal with timeshares in bulk. Most often, they deal with resorts and can return a timeshare to its original corporate owner since they handle dozens of properties at a time. These companies also have experts and professionals in the timeshare industry.

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