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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Smart Ways to Know the Real Value of Your Timeshare

For the owners who want to get out of their timeshares, selling it might be the first option. With this, the owner can extract an ample amount of cash to recover some of the costs that he/she incurred in owning it. However, one of the most important matters to know before finally selling your timeshare is its real worth.

There are some ways to know the real value of a timeshare. One of which is through a real estate agent. However, the problem with people selling timeshares is that they don't have the time to sit with realtors working out a decent selling price. Some realtors also undercut the actual worth of your timeshare in order to sell it fast and make themselves a quick commission. Avoid being a victim of this. You can use free services and cut these middlemen out.

There are some private timeshare companies that offer their services to timeshare holders only. They can give you an accurate value and possible selling price for your timeshare. Moreover, these services will also tell you how much similar properties have sold for in the recent past. With this, you can have a good idea about the market price. However, the value of your timeshare also depends on the month you want to sell your timeshare as most timeshare locations are season-dependent. So, also find out the best season to sell the package.

With the recent recession that hit everybody, there’s a tendency that the selling price of your timeshare will be lowered just to be able to sell it. Take note also that the timeshare industry is already flooded with resale units and some owners even hire timeshare transfer companies like Transfer Smart just to get rid of their timeshares. If you know the exact worth of your timeshare, you can take the reins into your hands and watch your timeshare get sold in the market.

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