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Friday, November 20, 2009

Knowing Smartly the Policies and Procedures to Prevent Timeshare Transfer Problems

A number of owners have testified that the reason why they have jumped off to a timeshare deal was they have been swayed during the sales presentations. Most of these did not anticipate what they’re getting into and later on, they’ll face the unavoidable situation where they have to get out of their timeshare contracts. On the other hand, when you buy a timeshare, make sure you read carefully and understand what was stated on the company’s policies and procedures to avoid future conflicts.

When you make a major purchase, sometimes there is a buyer's remorse that will set in and you start to doubt what you have done. By reading the policies and procedures stated in the manual, this allows you to match up what you were told by your sales rep and the closing agent.

Also, you can go to the timeshare company website and review policies and procedures on their site. You can look at things like how to make a reservation, how to exchange, how to cancel a reservation, any additional costs or fees required, and how to make a guest confirmation. In addition, you should also review how to do your taxes before tax time, and what happens to your points, or week if you do not use it that year.

A timeshare purchase is considered a major decision. Many of the owners who did not look at the policies of their timeshares prior to buying it end up dissatisfied with their units and thus, want to get rid of it. Some may even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart. So, if you just have bought a timeshare, take the time to review what you have done to ensure that you have a complete understanding of what you own.

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