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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Resort Properties Launches Website Showcasing its Hollywood Mirage Club in Tenerife

With the several owners getting out of their timeshares for the last two years, the timeshare operators eventually suffered loss of profits. This year however might be different and most timeshare operators are hoping that this industry might bounce back and regain its status in the business world. This time, we’ll see more expansions from a lot of these companies. Along with these, timeshare companies also are expected to carry out extensive advertising as part of their campaign to entice potentials owners.

For example, recently, the timeshare organization Resort Properties has launched a new website showcasing its Hollywood Mirage Club in Tenerife. The said site provides online users with an in-depth overview of the timeshare resort, including information on accommodation, facilities and services.

In addition, the visitors to the Hollywood Mirage website will also get to take a look at the various kinds of lodgings that are on offer, with a thorough description of each kind of unit. Moreover, a number of photos posted will provide users with a visual insight into what is on offer. Meanwhile, testimonials and reviews from guests who have stayed at the Hollywood Mirage can also be viewed on the timeshare resort's website.

Soon, the Resort Properties will also launch other websites for its other timeshare properties in Tenerife, including the Beverly Hills Club, Beverly Hills Heights and the Palm Beach Club.

The start of the year 2010 is already showing a recovery for the timeshare industry as shown by the latest projects of the timeshare operators compared to the last two years which were characterized by low sales and many owners getting rid of their timeshares. Some of those owners even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart. As the hopes are brighter for this industry, there are still more developments expected for this industry to come this year.

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