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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Transfer Smart News: UK Timeshares Set to Remain Favorite Destinations for Vacationers this Year

One research found out that despite the continued weakness of the pound against the euro, seven out of ten people planning a short break abroad this year will visit a European country. On the other hand, despite the number of disadvantages cited and the many owners trying to get out of their timeshares, many Britons may choose to take advantage of timeshare resorts in the UK and Europe this year at the expense of long-haul trips.

The research group TNS who carried out studies for Travel Weekly found out that of those intending to go on holiday this year, one in four will choose a holiday in the UK or Ireland.

However, according to Tom Costley, TNS head of travel and tourism, the findings did not show that travel plans for 2010 are set in stone. He added that while the overall picture of 2010 holiday plans seems similar to last year, people's intentions can differ substantially to what they eventually choose to do.

Meanwhile, a research carried out last month by holiday home company Blue Chip Vacations found that 69% of people plan to go on holiday in the UK instead of heading abroad this year.

According to the above-mentioned study, the holiday plans this 2010 might be similar to that of 2009. Take note that last year, many owners get rid of their timeshares while some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart just to get rid of such property. This year however, vacationers might differ in what they eventually choose to do and as what the studies have found out, more people are expected to holiday in the UK and Europe.

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