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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Warning: An Imposter!

Thanks to the holiday season many timeshare owners are trying to get shot of their timeshares as soon as possible. Many hope the money they save from selling their timeshare will help them through the season. But in the world today, shady business practices can be discovered everywhere. An article on PRLeap shows just that. 

Timeshare owners around the world are contacted every day by affiliations who try to sell them their services thru the phone. These firms will do whatever is needed to persuade timeshare owners to make an front-loaded payment for an empty guarantee. Telemarketers are highly skilled in convincing these owners that there's a buyer waiting to get their timeshare, but they should make a little payment first for the info to be given. It is not till later that the owners understand that they've been scammed and the company / organization has totally disappeared. 

On the other hand, recently, timeshare owners have been informed about the many methods fraudsters use to make a few bucks and are not as easily fooled as they were before. Timeshare owners have learned ways to research a company before coughing up for their services. 

One major issue for fraudsters and confidence men is they have no credibility because they don't have an estate broker's license. They would also not be able to acquire one due to their inferior past. Due to this, conmen have taken their efforts to new heights. They are now posing as imposters by using the names of licensed, credible timeshare resale brokers. The imposter ( con artist ) will push the timeshare owner into checking for themselves the validity of the company while they're on the telephone. By using this method, they have convinced timeshare owners that making an advance charge is necessary so as to get their timeshare sold.

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