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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beware Seniors!

Elderly seniors have been the latest victims of timeshare resale crime. They're usually unaware of the timeshare resale scheme and have fallen for the everyday pitch of being timeshare free. In cases like these, timeshare owners are continually contacted by a representative claiming to be an expert in hiring and selling timeshares. However, many of these representatives typically work for a bogus company and are conning timeshare owners into giving them cash. They often claim that they require owners to pay an advance fee to cover all costs like closing costs and transferring charges. But once these conmen receive the money transfer they stop replying to emails and phone calls. 

Many timeshare owners have also alleged that another company contacts them making a claim to be fraud-recovery. These companies are also scams and many timeshare owners who decided to trust these two corporations are now short thousands of greenbacks. Allegedly they make promises to retrieve the cash that was taken from you by the prior company for a fee. 

Here are some tips to make sure that you don't fall victim to these firms : 

-Make sure you read the fine print and the entire contract 
-Always be weary of corporations asking for an front-loaded fee 
-Never trust a company without checking them out with the Better Business Bureau 
-Read all customer reports about the company ( confirm they aren't negative ) .

Transfer Smart is a great company to go to if you wish to get rid of your timeshare. They have helped hundreds of timeshare owners and they want to help you too! 

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