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Monday, March 22, 2010

Renting a Timeshare as a Smart Way of Vacation

Timeshares can be a great way to vacation and nowadays, there are some options to avail of this kind of property without actually buying it. As a matter of fact, some current owners get out of their timeshares and opt for those lesser cost of availing timeshares. One of these fabulous options is through renting a timeshare. Meanwhile, if you’re up to rent a timeshare, there are some important things that you should know before you jump into such option.

First, identify your reasons why would you want to rent a timeshare. In comparison to owning a unit, timeshare resorts are often luxury accommodations and you’ll expect also that it involves a greater cost. These usually offer also a number of amenities. On the other hand, units rented from timeshare owners can be cheaper than these. But be aware that timeshares typically rent for a week, and you probably will not get daily maid service unless you pay extra.

Another thing to ask also is how much of a bargain will I get from renting one. Renting as your option typically saves you up to half of what a resort might charge for the unit.

To learn about timeshare rentals, try to browse some sites on the net like RedWeek.com where you can search listings for free but must pay if you want to contact the owner. These sites also include user reviews of many resorts. Once you deal with an owner and sign a lease, typically, you send half the money who will register the week in your name. You can then call the resort to verify before sending the other half of the money.

These days, there are many owners who are renting out their timeshares and these can be great opportunities for those holidaymakers looking for quality but budget-wise vacation. With this option also, vacationers are free of those fees like annual maintenance fees that a typical timeshare owner has to deal with.

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