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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Aspen Club Throws More Promises in their Efforts of Timeshare Expansion

The number of owners who are trying to get out of their timeshares may not be that high these days and the economy is slowly recovering. For some timeshare developers, this would be a great time to expand their operations. One of this timeshare companies is the Aspen Club and Spa which recently proposed to expand its operation. But the proposal faces some community issues and to overcome such oppositions, the said company has stated a number of promises to the area involved.

The Aspen Club and Spa timeshare expansion proposal includes a provision that would give every city of Aspen employee a free one-year membership if the club fails in its commitment to have valley locals comprise at least 50% of the membership rolls. This is just one of the proposals which were outlined in the latest version of the club’s application to add 20 timeshare units, 12 affordable housing units and 41 parking spaces to its site at the end of Ute Avenue.

Meanwhile, other concessions include a promise to reduce the club’s energy consumption, despite its increase in size. In the proposed ordinance which grants the expansion, it requires that the club submit to energy audits. According to Aspen Club and Spa LLC managing partner Michael Fox, there will be $2 to $3 million in upfront investment in better energy systems, such as a ground source heat pump. On the other hand, the club is also promising to not increase car trips on Ute Avenue, despite the 71 new bedrooms proposed for the property between the timeshare condos and the affordable housing units.

Currently, the owners who are getting rid of their timeshares may be slowing down along with economic recovery. For some timeshare companies, this is a great potential to expand their operations. And for Aspen Club, although there may be oppositions regarding their proposal for expansion, they are determined to win this. Those concessions and promises have been put on the table by the Aspen Club in an effort to win council and community approval.

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