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Friday, June 4, 2010

Transfer Smart News: AG Reaches Settlement Decision for Florida-Based Timeshare Company

Nowadays, although there are many owners who try to get out of their timeshares and avoid such vacationing option, there are still a number of consumers who have fallen into the trap of timeshare scams and mis-selling practices. One of the companies accused of such practices is Bluegreen Corporation. Three years ago, there were complaints about the company’s alleged use of deceptive contests, misleading sales presentations and improper contracts in the marketing and sale of timeshare vacation packages in Pennsylvania. But recently, the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has reached a settlement with this company.

As Attorney General Tom Corbett said, the agreement known as a Consent Decree, resolves a consumer protection lawsuit filed in October 2008 against BlueGreen Corporation, BlueGreen Resorts, BlueGreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations, Inc., which are all located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Corbett also added that as a major part of this settlement, BlueGreen has agreed to cancel contracts and pay refunds to consumers who have filed valid complaints about their timeshare purchases. The complaints include consumers who were unable to use their timeshare, false promises about when or where consumers could travel and situations where timeshare purchasers did not receive extra services or discounts that were promised during the sales presentation.

Corbett noted that the settlement applies to those complaints by Pennsylvania timeshare purchasers that have already been filed with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. This is also along with any new complaints filed within the next 30 days.

For those owners who bought timeshares as a vacation option and were deceived about free gifts and prizes have until June 24, 2010 to contact the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. On the other hand, consumers who have already filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office, either before or after the initial lawsuit was filed in October 2008, do not need to take any further action to have their claims considered as part of this settlement.

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