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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smart Tips When Buying a Disney Timeshare Program

Although many owners today want to get out of their timeshare contracts, timesharing still remains a popular for several holidaymakers. But timeshare operators are coming up with new innovations to give variety and choices to consumers. One of these is the Disney Vacation Club which is said to be a timeshare program with a twist. Instead of the typical specific vacation week at a particular resort, here, you purchase points. Your points are then used for the accommodations for your vacation.

Several luxury resorts nowadays are available at the Disney theme parks where you can use your points. You can also use these points on a Disney cruise or they can be used at over 500 destinations around the world. There may be some restrictions along with your purchase, but DVC has worked to make things easy for its members.

After you've decided to purchase a DVC membership, you need to decide how many points to purchase. Currently, the smallest number of points that can be purchased is 160 and the maximum is 2,000. If you don't use all of your points in one year, they are transferred to the next or you can borrow points from the coming year for the vacation of a lifetime. Thus, you must consider carefully how you vacation and pick your points based on how you will use them.

However, if you decide that you didn't purchase enough points when you first signed up, it's easy to add on to your Disney Vacation Club membership. Just try to contact DVC and they'll help you add extra points to your membership. But if you're looking to add points to your membership without going directly through DVC, you can purchase points from other members. Try a number of sites online where you can purchase points or even memberships from others.

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