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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Online Charity Auctions Connect Timeshare Consumers and Marketers

Nowadays, it seems like the timeshare industry had been tarnished by a number of reported incidence of scams and fraudulent activities. In addition to this, there are also many owners today who are trying to get out of their timeshares. As a result, consumers have a negative perception of such vacation package. But there are some companies today that bridge the gap between the timeshare providers and the hesitant consumers. One of these companies is BiddingForGood. This leading cause-related e-commerce platform connects consumers and marketers to thousands of trusted nonprofit auctions which delivers qualified vacationers to timeshare resorts.

There are many reasons why do online charity auctions work for timeshares. First, it drives consumers to the property. Online charity auctions have a quality of trial in a trusted consumer environment with high consumer engagement with the resort before visiting it. According to Robin Brown, a nationally recognized hotel executive and real estate developer, the timeshare industry needs trusted marketing channels as the old ways really were not good for the industry and BiddingForGood is a huge marketing opportunity for properties that target affluent families.

The other reason is that it delivers a strong consumer demographic who have financially competed to experience a timeshare property. According to a 2009 ARDA research study, it shows just how important it is to get the vacationers to have a pleasant experience at a resort, showing that 48% of the first time buyers of timeshares had stayed at the resort previously.

Moreover, online charity auctions work for vacation properties particularly timeshares because of its unique channel that reaches affluent consumers through their trusted schools and causes. There are no skeptical guards up when visiting the resort. As stated by Reyna Ann Haseman, Director of Incentives for Premier Cancun Vacations, getting consumers onsite to experience the resort is crucial to them.

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