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Monday, July 26, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Timeshare Relief Launches New Website

For those owners who want to get out of their timeshare contracts, timeshare transfer companies may be the best solution to do so. One of such companies well-known today is the Timeshare Relief. This company alleviates clients of their burdensome timeshare contracts and recently reveals their new website (www.timesharerelief.com), making it easier for customers to navigate.

The new website has several added features including, most notably, a video tour of the corporate headquarters on the home page. It was designed to be more intuitive and user-friendly. One notable addition to the new site is its video tour of the corporate headquarters located in Torrance, California. It has been entirely redesigned to provide a faster, more user-friendly layout. The website’s navigation has been streamlined through the organization of specific areas of interest, giving it a sleeker, cleaner look.

But prior to the update, the site had a significant amount of information per page and less total pages. Also, the new site has a focused amount of specific, congruent information per page and more pages on the site. Moreover, it aims to give every specific section its own area, clearing up any confusion which makes the site navigation more intuitive, improving the overall functionality of the website.

On the other hand, Timeshare Relief is not a timeshare resale company. It guarantees their clients an exit solution to get rid of their timeshares as long as the timeshare is paid off and maintenance fees are current. It has already helped more than 45,000 timeshare owners transfer more than 52,000 timeshare contracts.

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