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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Vacation Ownership Group Dedicates to Assist Potential Timeshare Owners

For some timeshare owners, buying such properties is a decision that they have regretted. These owners later realized that timeshares are not for them. There is no doubt that there are a number of disadvantages and complaints regarding such properties. But unfortunately, once the owner decides to get out of his timeshare contract, he can’t do it right away or it takes a longer time to do so. However, there are companies today that assisting potential timeshare and vacation ownership consumers avoid the consequences of buying and selling high-priced timeshare packages being offered in today's unpredictable market. One of these companies is the Vacation Ownership Group.

As V O Group President and CEO Adam Lacerda said, owners and users of timeshare properties are being inundated with offers to buy or sell in resort and vacation destinations around the world. He added that moving through the complex and many times misleading process is complicated and can easily leave people with a product they did not want, or they may have spent more than they could afford. This, along with high-pressured sales tactics, is a common problem in the timeshare market today, and one the V O Group is trained and ready to help you solve.

On the company's website, consumers around the world can contact them and answers to a variety of questions such as the fair market value of the unit, realistic vacation strategies, adding points at wholesale prices, and additional information on any given timeshare issue the customer might have.

Lacerda added that they offer several products designed for the vacation ownership consumer, and the V O Group is currently developing additional services including interactive online classes and webcasts designed to educate the public about the possible pitfalls of purchasing a timeshare. Moreover, he stressed out that they are changing the face of timeshare and vacation ownership.

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