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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Torrance’s TV Program Features Timeshare Relief

"We went out on vacation in Las Vegas and were told that by investing in this timeshare, we'd be able to own property that we could sell for a profit." That’s the statement of Mr. MacMillan which begins the segment featuring the Timeshare Relief, Inc. on Torrance CitiCABLE 3. The television program has selected Timeshare Relief, Inc. for a feature entitled "Torrance Company Offers Relief from Time Share Contracts." The segment discussed the company's humble beginnings and current success.

CitiCABLE 3 features the latest news, events, and business-related notices relevant to the Torrance area. Meanwhile, Timeshare Relief, Inc., an Inc. 500 company and twice over recipient of the Best in Torrance Award, offers a reliable timeshare exit solution for owners looking to be rid of timeshare contracts and maintenance fees entirely. It was launched in 2004 by founders Cindy Martin MacMillan and David MacMillan when they struggled to find ways to exit their own timeshare contract due to the heavy financial burdens that came along with it. Upon success, they began the Timeshare Relief, Inc. in order to help others in similar situations.

One of the timeshare owners who sought out the services of the company was Nancy Gruttemeyer. While sick of her increasing payments, Gruttenmeyer sought to rid herself of her timeshare permanently. According to her, what started out as $250 in maintenance fees kept creeping up and creeping up. Soon, she found Timeshare Relief and happily unloaded her life-long contract. Currently, she still continues to enjoy the timeshare experience by renting a Vermont timeshare, a Hawaii timeshare and a Disney timeshare without the trouble of maintenance fees.

With over 50,000 other clients like Gruttemeyer in the US, Canada and UK, Timeshare Relief believe their prospects are looking bright as the report concludes that the company's work has continued to grow, even in this slowing economy. Timeshare Relief is not a timeshare resale company. However, it guarantees their clients a clean exit solution to get out of their timeshare contracts. It has already helped over 50,000 timeshare owners transfer more than 52,000 timeshare contracts.

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