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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Timeshare Owners Find Problems In Arkansas

Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri.

Timeshare owners of Table Rock Landing (TBR) in Holiday Island, Arkansas, are turning up the pressure on Carroll County politicians to redo their roads. Last year, a $200,000 grant to re-asphalt roads in Carroll County led to

What is at issue is a lawsuit between Carroll County and the TRL ownership board. Last year, TRL only paid a portion of the money the county said it was due as their part of road maintenance fees. The ownership is not at fault, but rather the TRL board. The roads around TRL are still drivable, but safety issues may come up in the future. In the past the district has focused on heavily-trafficked roads; most TRL users are only around for a few months over the summer.

TBR owners love their timeshares as they sit within walking distance of the large Mark Twain National Forest Park of Missouri. At 1.5 million acres, it’s one of the nations’ largest national parks.

The Holiday Island Public Works board will decide how many and what roads will be done. There are three options the board is considering. Northern Arkansas often has to redo their roads as Arkansas experience different extremes in the weather spectrum: heavy rain in the spring, hot temperatures in the summer, and snow in the fall. 

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