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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Underwater Sculpture Garden of Grenada

The She Devil, one of the many sculptures in the Underwater Garden.

Tiny Grenada, 2nd to last island in the Caribbean chain before you reach Venezuela (Trinidad is the last), is gaining tourists dollars due to their new underwater coral reef. With some environmentalists estimating that 80% of the world’s reefs will be destroyed by 2050, this shallow man-made reef is attracting a lot of attention.

It’s a sculpture garden, placed there by the Grenadian government, and approved by marine biologists. It’s found off Molinere point in Flamingo Bay on the west side of the island. There’s also diving with turtles or just lazing it up in a hammock to be had. There’s also a set of seven waterfalls called the Seven Sisters, and local daredevils will jump from one to the other. The largest drop is 50ft.

Most of Grenada’s GDP comes from tourist dollars, but hotels and resorts are mostly mom and pop affairs. There are few timeshares sold on the island.

Flights can be purchased out of Miami for less than $600 for next day, one way travel. A seven-night stay at Maca Bana, near the capital, goes for around $2,500 for a one-bedroom cottage.

The best part about Grenada is that it caters to tourists, is very safe, and seems to not be overrun with tourists. It’s possible to get a home-cooked meal at a small restaurant, take pictures of beautiful scenery, visit a beach such as Grand Anse and have it almost all to yourself.

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