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Monday, March 12, 2012

Live In New Zealand

New Zealand

Sun, surf, and friendly people. Far from the shadow cast by Australia, New Zealand makes its own stamp on the world with jobs, low crime rates, and excellent education. Auckland New Zealand has already been called one of the greatest places to live by magazines such as Forbes and MSN Money. But why is this place gaining such notoriety as a tourist destination as well?

As far as activities go, you could safari on the South Island’s west coast and see the kiwi, a bird species only found in New Zealand. ATV tours are fun, going up the mountains of Arthur’s Pass national Park. You can also see the country side by horse or by hot-air balloon. Water activities are really popular, which is to be expected. Fishing, wind-surfing, jet-skiing and parasailing is all a part of active New Zealand culture.

Christchurch and Auckland are considered two of the safest and happiest places on Earth. Hotels, timeshares and resorts can be found up and down both coasts of New Zealand, and the weather is tropical year round.
Shopping is good, as the U.S. dollar trades well against the New Zealand dollar.

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