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Monday, February 22, 2010

Smart Buying Guide for Timeshare Resale

Timeshare resales maybe the answer for those eager vacationers who want to avail of such property but want a lower cost as it is much cheaper compared to buying from a developer. Meanwhile, while many owners today are trying to get out of their timeshares, a number of individuals see timeshare resales as a great opportunity to enjoy a vacation at a cost of 30%-50% compared to a new timeshare.

However, one should try to consider a number of things when buying a timeshare resale.

First, it is best to see the timeshare unit yourself before buying it. Although it cost much less, it still involves money and you should know you are buying a right one. Consider also buying a timeshare on a prime season which will provide you with more options for exchange later. Take into account also well maintained and well kept units as these might represent a good management.

Meanwhile, be cautious about the reduced prices of timeshare resale as this might overshadow the underlying cost such as maintenance fees, property taxes, costs to travel to your chosen destination and any special assessment. It’s important to buy a timeshare resale unit in a resort which has low maintenance fee, as this is an annual fee the usually increases over time.

Moreover, when buying through an agent, choose a licensed broker as scams and frauds are prevalent in the timeshare industry. Finally, it is important to do your research regarding the prices of timeshare units in the area you are curious about buying. Internet auction sites like eBay can be a good place to start with.

Compared to buying a new unit from a certain resort, timeshare resales are a much better deal. Take note that at this economic period, timeshares are considered a costly purchase. That’s why many owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares. Some of these owners even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart. So, when planning to own such property, why go for an expensive one when you can avail it with a cheaper price.

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