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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Tokyo Attracts Timeshare Owners as a Low-Cost Destination

These days, as many owners try to get out of their timeshare units in the US, these eager vacationers look for cheaper alternative timeshare destinations without sacrificing the vacation quality. Meanwhile, one of these great alternative destinations is the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Contrary to what many people believe, timeshare owners do not have to spend considerable sums of money if they want to head on a trip to this place.

According to Reiko Tani, director for City Sales at the Tourism Division in the Bureau of Industrial and Labour Affairs of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, many English people believe that when they go to Tokyo it will be an expensive trip. But this is not the case. Take for instance, if timeshare owners in the city need to ride on the metro, prices start from just £1 and they can enjoy lunch for around £6 or £7, as Ms. Tani stated.

Some travelers also believe that they will find hustle and bustle in Tokyo. But there are a number of gardens, temples and shrines where timeshare owners can have a more sedate time. Moreover, the Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer recently ranked Japan as the ninth cheapest destination, with a basket of eight tourist items, including meals and drinks, costing £58.52 in the country.

This year, consumers are wiser in ways of looking for budget-wise alternatives. With regards to timeshare ownership, while several owners try to get rid of their timeshare and some even hire a timeshare transfer company such as the Transfer Smart, other owners finds alternative destinations with all the benefits of a great vacation. One of these destinations that timeshare owners should consider is Tokyo.

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