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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Smart Tips on Reselling Your Timeshare

Typically, a timeshare’s value is tied to travel habits and location. When the owners’ circumstances take turns unexpectedly, getting out of their timeshares by selling it is the common option. But take note that there are some things to be considered before selling it.

There are a number of fraudulent companies nowadays. These companies charge high upfront fees and make deceptive pitches. They usually claim that they have buyers lined up when actually, there’s none. They may also offer to buy your timeshare interest, take it for a fee that you pay, help you give it to charity, put your timeshare in a travel club or some other option. Some of these offers may be legitimate but it is better to make sure that everything is cleared out before paying anything. It is important to know who you are dealing with, what their contract says and how their previous customers would characterize their experiences.

In reselling a timeshare, do not give your credit card number and avoid paying any money to a company until you have a contract or full details of their services in writing. In addition always shop around, research, and compare prices and services before deciding. Moreover, investigate the company you plan to do business with before signing any agreement.

While many owners ended up getting trying to get rid of their timeshares, there are more cautions to practice before owning a timeshare. Currently, the resale market includes timeshare resellers, Internet advertisers and other resale companies which abound with many types of sales pitches. Beware of such companies who try to pressure you into using their services, especially when they have initiated your interaction.

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  1. I've known people who are scammed before and still want to try their luck on having a timeshare. They just have to be aware on the in and out of the process once they give money.


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