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Monday, May 10, 2010

Smart Reasons Why Timeshare is Not a Good Buy

Timeshares can be a great way to relatively enjoy a vacation with the amenities, location, and other benefits that it offers. But many owners today are finding ways to get out of their timeshare contracts and trying to figure out why they feel like they own something completely different from what they thought they were buying. Timeshare can be a deceiving product and may have a way of robbing people the wrong way, once you own one. This article presents a few reasons why timeshare is not a good buy.

First, flexibility is difficult to achieve with a timeshare. Going on a vacation requires a lot of planning ahead when it comes to timeshares and most of the time, it will require you and your family to be incredibly flexible with dates and locations.

Most resorts will fool you by their promises. The resorts will do their best to convince people that they have a large inventory of resorts that any owner can trade with which allows owners the opportunity to travel the world. The trading benefits may sound good but the reality is most people can’t use that feature.

Timeshares can also become quite expensive. Most owners did not calculate all the extra fees that make it add up to even more. Be aware that there are certain fees when it comes to timesharing. This includes maintenance fees, trading membership fees, special assessments, etc.

The resale market is already devastated and you should never buy a timeshare with the intention of selling it. Moreover, even owners with points don't always have enough to get a whole week's vacation. Most timeshare resorts design their points system this way in order to talk you into buying more points.

Timeshare is one of the most popular vacation accommodation options these days. However, for those who are planning to own one, they should beware about the negative side of this form of vacationing. If not carefully analyzed and planned, this could be a nightmare to the owner.

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