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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Transfer Smart News: New Website Provides Legal Assistance to Timeshare Victims

The timeshare industry is considered as one of the fastest growing industries today. As a matter of fact, it is a 9.7 billion dollar a year industry. However, due to some of its advantages, scams, and misselling practices, it is seen by many in a very negative light. These also drive a number of current owners to get out of their timeshares. But as the malpractices and scams in this industry are rising, a number of companies arise to address such problem. One of these is the recently launched website called MyTimeShareAttorney.com. This website provides timeshare victims who feel they were misled or coerced in the sales process with resources and information to assist them in cancelling their timeshare.

Most people have no idea how much has gone into the timeshare sales process to ensure they are on the hook for a new timeshare before leaving their presentation. All contingencies have been thought through, from escalating offers to staff members entertaining potential purchaser’s children. They want to avoid all distractions so they can focus on closing the deal.

According to Attorney Susan Budowski, while there are certainly timeshare companies that operate in a professional manner, the majority of timeshare owners she had come in contact with are so distraught over their purchase and they feel violated. Thus, Ms. Budowski wants people to arm themselves with information so they are prepared in case they find themselves in a timeshare sales scenario.

She added that these unscrupulous companies have turned one of life’s most coveted experiences, a vacation, into a nightmare. As Ms. Budowski advises, if you are considering a timeshare as your vacation accommodation option, do not make a decision on the same day. Remember that there will always be another deal.

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  1. What Susan fails to mention in this article is that she was first retained by Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC and was in receipt of all TAI's documents and strategies within the Timeshare Advocacy industry. Prior to joining with TAI Susan had no timeshare knowledge, but now calls herself an expert. The question is, is it ethical for an attorney to give her client a disengagement letter in the end of April, 2010 and then add this to her resume and sell herself as an expert based off of the information she learned from one of her clients? As you can see by the date, this article is only two weeks after TAI was issued a disengagement letter.



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