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Monday, May 31, 2010

Smart Facts about Timeshare Weeks

When you plan to get out of your timeshare by putting it on sale or lease, it is important that you must be familiar with the designated timeshare weeks. We all know that timeshares are divided among different owners and a timeshare week chart is used so that all the owners will have an equal opportunity to use the vacation property.

The term timeshare week basically refers to a specified time wherein the owner is given the exclusive right to use the property for one whole week. For example, if your schedule implies that you can spend time on the property every 2nd week of March annually, then, that is your designated timeshare week.

This ensures that every owner will be given equal rights on the property. This is simply because one timeshare property can be owned by a certain number of people. In order to give them fair access to the property, the duration of stay is divided in weeks. However, the timeshare details and designation of use will vary greatly depending on the vacation property. Some may only be given one week yearly to access the property, while some can spend more than one week per year.

One of these common types of timeshare weeks is called the fixed week. This is technically an appointed week each year wherein the owner has the chance to use such vacation property. The good thing about this setup is the fact that you can rent out your designated week of stay to any vacationer or you can trade it to another owner if you decide not to use it during the allotted period time. Thus, be sure to check your designated timeshare week before deciding to rent or sell your share to ascertain that you will be able to come up with the right price value.

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