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Monday, May 17, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Fractional Real Estate Competes with Timeshares in British Columbia

The previous two years have been hard for almost all businesses. The timeshare industry is not exempted from this with its sales decreasing while the number of owners trying to get out of their timeshares is increasing. But today, the fractional real estate challenges timeshare dominance in British Columbia's Columbia Valley which is an area that has traditionally been a popular timeshare destination.

According to a report, The Residences at Fairmont Ridge recently released a new form of ownership in Columbia Valley for town houses that are part of the proposed redevelopment of Fairmont Hot Springs. In a move to directly compete with timeshare offerings that are common in the area, the Marble Ridge Developments is now offering deeded 1/16th fractional ownership options for CAN$38,900.

As Tim Tourond of Marble Ridge Developments said, timeshare product has remained the competitive choice in the Columbia Valley due to its low cost and flexible exchange programmes. But with the new fractional offering, owning a second home becomes a smarter choice and significantly easier. And in these times, ease and value mean everything.

The Residences at Fairmont Ridge offers their buyers to get three weeks of use a year. That’s two weeks of standard rotation and a Summer Plus programme that is unique to The Residences. Like all purchases, the owners are also part of the RCI exchange programme. The said programme was created to ensure that fractional buyers receive ideal weeks, as opposed to its vacation option counterpart which is the traditional timeshare or fractional rotation that doesn't guarantee those times of the year.

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