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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smart Ways to Sell a Timeshare or Vacation Club Points

The increases in annual fees force many owners to get out of their timeshare contracts or vacation club membership points. Despite the image of a great location with complete amenities and services of timeshare and vacation clubs, owners still find it extremely difficult to sell such properties. In many respects, this is not always the best option for owners experiencing financial difficulties with their timeshare holiday experience.

The major drawback when selling your timeshare or vacation club points may be the number of sanctions written into the Deeds and purchase agreements which can make them extremely difficult to sell on to independent purchasers. For example, a number of vacation clubs will only allow sales to existing vacation club points owners. Meanwhile, points owners may well find that in order to progress the sale, they must pay to transfer their annual points allocation to fixed weeks in local timeshare resorts.

However, there are better ways to sell timeshares or vacation points. One of these methods would be to cultivate friendships with existing owners at local timeshare venues. Many timeshare owners and vacation points owners are convinced that this method of holidaying is better and are happy to purchase points from other members as it is cheaper than buying direct. Moreover, selling to an existing owner is a lot easier and avoids any legal problems that may be written into the timeshare deeds.

On the other hand, one way to capitalize on such vacation properties is to rent it out to third parties, friends and relatives. The property will still be in your ownership but with successful advertising, you could easily raise sufficient funds to ensure the payment of management charges.

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