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Monday, September 20, 2010

Transfer Smart News: Kirkland Man Gets a Timeshare Refund

Timeshares are considered one of the vacation properties today which are closely associated with aggressive sales tactics and scams. Take the case of a Kirkland man who recently bought a timeshare and ended up regretting it.

Justin Bartlett of Kirkland won a free trip with a call from the people who run Wyndham Resorts. This led to a meeting and sales pitch. What attracted him was the chance to stay in Washington state properties at a moment's notice.

Justin then paid $1500 down and promised to pay $200 a month. But for months, he couldn't get any last minute reservations. As he said, he had tried multiple times in local areas Leavenworth, Lake Chelan and Seattle to get rooms but he can't get a room.

So, Justin find the salesman hoping that he was still working for the company and to ask him why this wasn't true. Justin found the salesman working out of Bend, Oregon because his Bothell office went out of business. The salesman is Joe Kennedy, in Bend. The salesman said, if Justin wants, he can sign a letter saying he lied to him. So Justin had his attorney draft up an affidavit and the salesman signed it.

The signed, notarized piece of paper has Joe saying "I was told to convey statements to Justin Bartlett that were untrue just to get him to purchase the travel share program." Justin mailed the affidavit to the company hoping for a refund. At first, the company will not hold any responsibility for what the sales rep had done. But a few days later, Wyndham gave him a call and said that they are going to give him all of his money back and they are letting him get out of the timeshare contract.

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