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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smartly Knowing Your RCI Timeshare Exchange Directory

The lack of flexibility is one issue that many timeshare owners have to deal with once they own such property. However, for some, they simply get out of their timeshare contracts once they decided that they want another vacation experience. But today, there are some timeshare exchange companies like RCI that address such issue. These companies facilitate the exchange of one timeshare to another and thus, owners can now have a new timeshare experience.

However, many timeshare owners look at their RCI timeshare exchange directory once a year usually just before they are ready to place an exchange request. It is recommended that you really get familiar with your RCI exchange directory long before that.

You should go through it before hand and not only star the resorts you like but also cross out the ones you do not want rather than picking it up the day you want to request your RCI timeshare exchange. This will help you in planning your RCI vacation. For example, if you want to exchange to an RCI resort on the beach. Some of the resorts listed may be blocked from the beach rather than right on it. Crossing them off now can save you the time of filtering through them when you want to exchange.

Below each RCI timeshare listing, there is a series of color coded, round symbols. That will quickly give you important information. Currently, there are currently 48 of these symbols in the RCI exchange directory that will give you an insight as to what amenities are in the unit itself, on site at the resort and nearby the resort.

On the other hand, some people look for criteria like on-site child care and organized children's activities. For others, it may be whether there is a casino or bar on site. Because of how the RCI timeshare exchange directory is formatted, you can tell all of this and more with a quick glance. Moreover, the RCI exchange directory is very nice so you may be hesitant to mark it. This will not only help you enormously in getting a better exchange but also able you to find the vacation experience that you want.

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